About Yorkshire Pennine Centre

Yorkshire Pennine Centre is one of the smaller centres forming the rallying community of  The Caravan and Motor Home Club ; one of the six Yorkshire Centres and  one of eleven forming the Northern Region of the Club.  
The centre was formed in 1985 from the former Yorkshire Center and it's groups; we pride ourselves on being a "friendly" bunch and making all who attend our events welcome. Currently we have around 440 club members registered with us and would love to welcome you to an event soon, if you have not tried our activities before.   Please take a look at the  2019 rally programme.


These were mailed out to members who ordered copies on December 20th.   Members are reminded to apply for their 2020 hard copy by the end of October 2019.

CENTRE REGISTRATION [Renewable annually]

When registering with the Caravan and Motor Home Club, members are strongly advised to use the online service available on The Caravan and Motor Home Club web site,  where you  can book club sites and CLS,   together with finding other centre's rally programmes.

Security of Your Personal Data:

The personal data you provide on booking slips / forms is collected and processed solely for the purpose of booking and running centre events. It is assumed that any personal data you provide relating to other individuals is done so with their consent. This information will never be shared with third parties. Used rally slips will be disposed of following the rally to which they relate.