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Did you attend this rally? Would you be willing to write a short report? If you won the "lucky van prize" we would love to receive your report

PIRATES OF THE RIVER DON   - June 21st – 25th 

As we have now come to expect from Pennine Marshals and members, the usual friendly welcome, which all adds to the rally experience.

The venue is a real gem, almost hidden from the surrounding area, very difficult to think that you are actually between Rotherham & Doncaster when you look at the view through your caravan window.  

The boat trip was very relaxing, with more than one person commenting that it was difficult to realise where we were due to the different perspective from the boat.

Thank you to Les and the volunteer crew who gave us a great experience. 

One or two travellers, including children tried their hands at steering, some with more success than others.

Our three Grandchildren were persuaded to dress up as pirates for the occasion, their bloodcurdling cries made a few onlookers smile. 

Thank you to the Marshals, Les & Jeanette, Ian & Pat for organising the rally, which was a resounding success.

We are very much looking forward to next year.

Nigel & Lesley

Well what can one say about this rally! Not much so I won't. Joking apart the rally was so good my mind is a bit ' misty ' with what went on I feel as if I am in a bit of a ' fog ' over it . The rally began on the Friday 25th May and on arrival unfortunately it was raining (wrong dance Ian it was meant to be sun not rain !) quite hard. We were sited and set up and like a few left the awning till the rain stopped. There was a get together in the marquee that was enjoyed by all. Saturday dawned albeit cooler than the last rally. Again there was a social with nibbles and a quiz or two !! Sunday morning and it was sarnie time again with a free day followed by a social again, with quizzes and games and lots of chatter. Monday was a well earned rest day for the marshal's with also some ralliers leaving including my wife who had to do the dreaded w word!! Tuesday there were some new arrivals from the national. Also there was a visit by someone called 'foggy' and 'misty' who decided to stay for several days. Thing is we could not see their caravan!!! Tuesday night was pie and pea night with more games and quizzes that our visitors from South Essex enjoyed. Wednesday was a free day with a social at night where a lot of fun was had by all. Thursday was a free day for the marshal's. Foggy and Misty did not want a rest though they just kept going and going!!

Friday dawned and there was a yellow thing in the sky oh it was a hot lovely day at last. Oh Foggy and Misty had decided they needed a rest and there was no caravan to be seen ?? Not our marshal's though it was in the marquee for corned beef hash and the closing flag followed by quizzes and more games. A great night. On Saturday some had to leave due to long journey's. Marquee was taken down again(so it was dry ) so a free night for those left on the rally. All in all a brilliant rally even though 'Foggy' and 'Misty' were not playing ball !! A very big thanks to Ian, Stephanie, Vic and Elaine the Rally Marshal's who put in a load of work for us ralliers. Also to all the helpers who make the rally tick you know who you are.

Well done all and Thank You................Steve Long


Did you attend this rally? Would you be willing to write a short report? If you won the "lucky van prize" we would love to receive your report


Did you attend this rally? Would you be willing to write a short report? If you won the "lucky van prize" we would love to receive your report

That time of year again for this wonderful rally at Flamborough. We arrived on the Friday sited and set up in nice weather and a social in the marquee for fun and games that night. Saturday was a lovely day followed by another social in the marquee with fun chatter and games. Sunday dawned and it was sausage sarnies in the morning and yet another lovely day. Sunday night was social and closing flag and yet more fun and games and the usual Quiz !! Monday was leaving day for some ralliers and a well earned rest day for the hard working marshal's. For those of who stayed and those who arrived Tuesday was a lovely day followed by pie and peas in the marquee. We also had more fun and games and yes a Quiz or two. Wednesday was sausage sarnies again in the morning followed by corned beef hash at 7.30pm in the marquee. Wednesday was a scorcher of a day ! Unfortunately after my pie and peas I had to go back to the van as I had been out walking for 6hrs and was shattered. ( It comes to us all ). Thursday was a rest day for the marshal's which was fully deserved. Friday and in the marquee for closing flag followed by games, chatter and the odd quiz or two !! Saturday was take the marquee down and then a free day and night. Sunday dawned and it was time to leave the rally. The weather for the whole week was brill plenty of sunshine. Coupled with lots to do in the area and all the hard work from the marshal's it was a rally well worth attending. All that's left to say is a big thank you to Ian, Stephanie, Vic, Elaine and Ken, Tina for all the hard work you put in. Also to all the helpers who make the rally tick over thank you. Roll on next year for this rally.

Steve Long


Did you attend this rally? Would you be willing to write a short report? If you won the "lucky van prize" we would love to receive your report


Did you attend this rally? Would you be willing to write a short report? If you won the "lucky van prize" we would love to receive your report


Did you attend this rally?  Would you be willing to write a short report?  If you won the "lucky van prize"  we would love to receive your report

This was our third trip to the “Emerald Isle” although some years have past since we last attended an “Irish National” at Waterford in the South. We elected to book the Pre National rally at Dungannon, which we would have passed anyway on the journey from Belfast to Fivemiletown, and then proceed another 25 miles West to the Irish Division National Rally which is always held over the Easter weekend and hosted in turn by one of the three Irish Centres. This year in the UK by Ulster centre.

The “Pre” was held over four nights in Dungannon Park where a modern local authority site was made available with all the facilities including hardstanding and EHU. This site was situated in a picturesque park setting with walks, a 3 acre Lough which had game and course fishing and boat hire. The on site cafe was made available in the evenings for three nights of social activity whilst the forth night was dedicated to a meal in a hotel, a short drive away. A very favourable start to the experience given the fact we had dry weather, if somewhat cold with frost on most nights.

Unlike our last Irish National this one started on Thursday and would run for five nights at Fivemiletown College, again with hardstanding on the College all weather area. The Ulster Centre who hosted the rally had achieved the almost impossible here, having the run of the college showers, toilets, main hall, reception area and other areas for producing food.

We enjoyed a cheese and wine on Thursday, a barn dance Friday, an ABBA tribute on Sunday, and a final night Hogg roast and disco. The Divisional Dinner and Dance was held on the Saturday with a very good five piece band. Although service for the meal was very slow and some courses cold.
Indeed, we were very surprised by the quality of entertainment as in the past entertainment really focused on the Dinner Dance and a Sunday centre DIY event. The host centre had attracted lots of very good sponsorship to support this excellent programme of entertainment.

There was a very small contingent of English centre members which included Don Hall and his family from Yorkshire Dales together with Lesley and I. There was the traditionally very supportive group from Scotland and at least two outfits from as far North as Inverness and Wick. Some readers of this report will be interested to learn that the Club Chairman attended with a Motorhome this year!! The weather stayed favourably dry until BH Monday and the deluge on Tuesday as we left Fivemiletown at the end of an enjoyable rally.

David and Lesley


Did you attend this rally? Would you be willing to write a short report? If you won the "lucky van prize" we would love to receive your report


We would like to say a big thank you to the rally marshals and all the members from the Yorkshire Pennine centre for the wonderful welcome we received on the Eggborough rally 2nd-4th February .
All three caravans were greeted and shown to our pitch when we arrived , it was our first rally with Yorkshire Pennine but I am sure it will not be our last. Throughout the rally Lynne and Clark and their assistants Elaine and Vic made sure we were included in everything that was going on .
The social club on site is under new management and this was their first caravan rally since they took over ,all the staff were friendly and pleasant and went out of their way to be helpful to make sure we had a good weekend .
Thanks again from

Hazel/Glyn, Brynn/Di, and Viv/Keith


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